What To Do If I Lock My Keys Inside The Car

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What To Do If I Lock My Keys Inside The Car

Chances are you too will get to experience the slight misfortune of locking your keys inside your four-wheel drive. As a matter of fact, the odds of that happening are on an unrelenting increase. According to the American Automobile Association, more than 4 million motorists call in to report car lockouts every year. That has gone up from just 500,000 [or less] in only a few years.

Who are the culprits? AAA says they are: keyless ignition units and increasingly complex, electronic anti-theft systems. With the hustle and bustle of the new year now fully upon us, you might be more likely to get yourself locked out of your vehicle, rather unwittingly. This guide focuses on how you can stay put, get help, and back on the road riding.

Alert Nearby Security

Even without reminders, safety always comes first. Do not hesitate to alert the nearest security forces of your situation, especially if you sense something awry around your parking area. Make sure you and your vehicle are not in any kind of danger, but make sure to put yourself first.

In many cases, a policeman can help you unlock your door, recommend a solution, and perhaps call in a tow truck when necessary. Again, safety first. If you are lucky enough, the police would stay around until you are assisted and happily back on your way. Remember, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Call In Roadside Assistance

Obviously, you would have used a spare key already if you had one. Since you don’t, you definitely need a second party to assist you. This is where those seemingly dreaded annual auto-club payments flex their stuff. Allstate, the AAA, and other organizations specializing in the provision of such services are able to get you inside.

However, it always takes them for them to locate and reach you. If you are not subscribed to roadside assistance services, you might still stand a chance; most new automobiles come with warranty roadside assistance packages. More often than not, you will find the details inside the owner’s manual. But, of course, that is somewhere in the same car you can’t access.

Your next try for roadside assistance is likely to be calling the number posted on your window decal. Should that prove abortive as well, you can contact your car dealership. In preparation for this, the number ought to be on your phone or written in a paper you keep in your purse, wallet, or briefcase.

What are the last resorts for roadside assistance? If your car is not new or is not affiliated with the AAA, call in your insurance providers and ask about adding roadside assistance to your automobile coverage. Since that does not take effect immediately, keep an eye out for trucks who patrol highways offering emergency help.

Call In An Automotive Locksmith

Well, dealerships can delay for too long, and insurance providers are not often emergency-friendly. To get back on the road, you need a solution that does not come back to bite.

That brings us to automotive locksmiths, highly trained technicians with a penchant for cars and digital security systems. At Locksmith & Security, our auto smithies are pretty much up to any task at any point in time. Our technicians are trained well, heavily resourced, and adequately tooled for the job. What’s more, they are obliged to be transparent, friendly, and patient enough to understand your needs.

Keep in mind that when it comes to car lockouts, it is advisable to call in just about anyone willing to try. It is important to work with a certified and background-checked technician in an official uniform, as those are some of the few ways to ensure you are receiving quality service. Having a complete stranger help you out in the middle of nowhere can be a gambit.

Locksmith & Security typically arrives at your location within minutes to assist, as we are aware how time-sensitive lockouts can be. Whether it happens on a normal day or at an ungodly night hour, our technicians are hundred-percent willing to drop by to fix stuff.

Invest In Cars With Benefits

Locking yourself out of your car too often? Feeling like Murphy’s Law has come to stay? Don’t fret, there is a way you can brace for the inevitable.

Well, the way some cars are designed, the power button will not unlock them if the key sits in the ignition while the door is unlocked. Plus, lots of cars from makers such as Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury come with door-mounted keypads that let you tap in unique codes that unlock the door no matter what.

Meanwhile, some cars come with telematic systems, including Hyudai’s Blue Link, General Motors’ OnStar, and Mercedes-Benz’s Mbrace. If you happen to have any of these, there is the chance to call a toll-free number that can assist you with remote unlocking.

What’s better, telematic systems offer free-to-use apps that allow you to unlock your car right from your smartphone. Always check your automaker’s website for the specifics and compatibles.

Work With Us

Ultimately there are a few options on the table when you lock your keys inside the vehicle. You can leave a spare key with someone you trust beforehand or somewhere no one else would be able to find it.

These two options can go a long way in saving you money, but they may not save you time. Pre-paid roadside assistance memberships are an alternative, but be prepared to painstakingly read the fine print before making a purchase and to bear the hidden charges for specific car models.

By and large, the easiest way to reverse a car lockout is having a professional locksmith on speed dial. We hope you never need it, but Locksmith & Security is here if you do. We look forward to working with you.

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