Garage Door Spring Repair

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Garage Door Spring

Garage Door Spring Repair

Not many people think about this; but, depending on thickness, size, and materials involved, a typical garage door weighs between 130 and 400 pounds. Even the most lightweight garage doors need a bit of force before they can be opened. However, luckily for us, garage door springs are included in the mix to counterbalance the weight of the door, which means helping you with all the heavy lifting.

Every time you open or close your garage door, the entire weight is transferred onto the spring system. As a result, it can be quite dangerous when the springs are brittle, warped, or damaged. More so, it is considered highly risky for homeowners to neglect such springs or try to DIY a replacement. The best line of action is placing a request with a specialist like Locksmith & Security. The sooner; the better.

Turnkey Spring Repair

At Locksmith & Security, we strive to put your safety first and believe in the essence of sharing information that helps prevent injuries and other mishaps. It is our job to help you keep tabs on the facts around garage door springs, recognize a problem when you see it and avoid the associated risks—especially when it comes to DIY repair.

On average, the torsion springs of a garage door have a lifespan of about 10,000 cycles, with a single cycle consisting of one opening and one closing. Realistically, using your garage door twice every day (once in the morning and once in the evening), your garage door should last no more than 14 years. However, if it is used more frequently—perhaps because your family members are involved—the torsion springs would last only 7 years.

It is of utmost importance that you take note of the lifespan of your garage door, no matter how much it costs or the length of warranty attached to it. Likewise, it is vital to monitor its use. More often than not, improper or low maintenance of garage doors, changes in environmental temperate, extreme weather conditions, and gradual misalignment make them break. Mind you, broken springs can render your garage door useless, which is not only inconvenient but also hazardous.

You’re Our Number 1 Priority!

Don’t hesitate to call Locksmith & Security to repair and replace your garage door’s broken torsion springs. What’s else, we provide free of charge on-site cost estimates to ensure that the prices of our services are completely transparent.

Ever since we started, our clients have always been our top priority. That is why we strive to ensure efficiency and reliability in all our services. We are fully bonded and insured and can be found in most parts of town. Furthermore, all of our technicians have passed rigorous training and stringent background checks.

Our team of technicians can repair the springs of any garage door model, are very flexible in terms of mobility, and deliver according to schedule. Ultimately, they perform the task without causing damages to the garage door, or its environs. When we fix your garage door, we fix it like it’s ours.

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