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Locks Rekey

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Your living space is the place where you store everything important to you, where you and your family can safely live, rest and recharge. As such, it does make sense that the security of the home is a paramount concern to most people.

Although, did you know that better home security does not begin and end with a system that is made with Big Tech? Well, know it, because it is quite true. There are rather simple ways to boost the security of your living space without spending so much money, starting with rekeying.

What Is Rekeying?

For starters, rekeying is what occurs when a locksmith changes only the pins that are inside a lock. This forced the same lock to take new keys and stop accepting the older ones. It’s the same lock, but with a different key. Rekeying provides the added upside of enhancing the security of your home without having to change lock hardware completely.

Rekeying is that quick and ridiculously affordable way to make sure that any previous keys can’t make love to the locks of your home. If you prefer this to completely changing the locks, call Locksmith & Security today to find out more. We are just a dial away.

When Should I Rekey?

Anytime you move into a newly bought but previously occupied residence, whether or not it’s a new one, you should consider rekeying all the locks in the whole building. Or, let’s say you move in after a few months is the best time to improve the security of the home. Then, you will have two options, one of which is rekeying the locks.

When you notice that your keys have become kind of old and worn out, mostly making you struggle and wriggle when turning the keys. This could happen after a break-in. As far as the lock has been damaged or faulty, you should rekey them if you don’t want to change the locks.

There are many people out there who do not know that there are many options available when they want to change their locks. This could happen because a key has been lost, stowed away by a burglar, or damaged in a domestic accident. Or, maybe you recently divorced your spouse, moved away, or just want a little extra layer of security for your property.

In any case, the majority think they need to purchase new locksets with keys to go. As far as it concerns properties and their security, that isn’t quite the case. Locks being designed today can be reconfigured by a reputable locksmith services provider like Locksmith & Security to work with a different key.

Modern locks come with adjustable tumblers and only professionals know their way around those things. The lock can be opened with specialized tools to reset the configuration of the tumblers so they would accept only new keys, rendering the older copies irrevocably useless.

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