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Mul-T-Lock Services

It was about a decade ago that the Mul-T-Lock technology, a four-way lockset, was introduced. However, this seems to have changed the high-security industry for good. Nowadays, matrix locksmiths can provide you with a multi-lock key and installation option as a way to keep your spaces extra secure. For what it’s worth, these locks are not an easy type to pick, neither do they quickly succumb to pressure.

When it comes to installing the newest Mul-T-Locks, it is highly recommended that you seek the capabilities of authorized and certified personnel. This way, you become sure the security solution you have gone the extra mile to purchase will be 100 percent functional when they are installed on your entrances. If you want to be extra safe, you need to be extra sure as well. 

Why Use Mul-T-Lock?

Conventional locksets can be picked, jimmied, or card-swiped in seconds with a few basic tools and techniques obtainable from the internet. With vlogging now in the mix, just about anyone can learn to gain access to homes and businesses using traditional locks, with relative ease. As such, one might need a stronger, more cost-effective, and critical first line of defense against invaders and the likes.

When a Mul-T-Lock setup is thrown into the mix, you can immensely amplify the effectiveness of your existing door hardware. By and large, these locks offer some of the best resistance to picking, bumping, and forced entry attempts. Locksmith & Security can help switch out your old lock cylinders with a Mul-T-Lock; we are an authorized and trusted name for these services. With professional technicians, you’re sure to get the bang for your buck.

No Switching Keys & Decoratives

With a Mul-T-Lock system, one will not have to wonder how many copies of one’s keys are out there. For traditional keys, anyone who gets ahold of them can easily duplicate for dubious uses. But, only authorized dealers and manufacturers can create the keys to a Mul-T-Lock. Yours can only be made when you present an official Key Order Card. At the end of the day, should someone get a hold of your key, duplicating is out of the question.

Also, working with Locksmith & Security for your Mul-T-Lock needs means you won’t have to switch your entire decorative door hardware. If you want to retain your hardware design and still get a high-security lock, Mul-T-Locks high-security cylinders are fashioned to pair nicely with locksets from leading manufacturers, including Baldwin, Weiser, Schlage, and Emtek. We can simply replace your current cylinder with that of a Mul-T-Lock to leave you the best of both worlds.

Work With Us!

Locksmith & Security has a team of professional, certified, licensed, and insured technicians. Our locksmiths are well experienced in the Mul-T-Lock universe and are capable of proffering never-failing, client-specific solutions.

Unlike most physical and electronic security specialists, we are dedicated to helping you fortify your home or place of business by as many folds as possible. We look forward to working with you!

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