What To Do If I Lose My House Keys

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What To Do If I Lose My House Keys

Losing house keys is one of the most everyday and most frustrating mishaps anyone can encounter. A bunch can vanish into thin air instantly, and it is often tough to find dropped or couched keys. According to research, house keys are among the world’s most lost items. In the United States, for instance, more than 20 million keys to living spaces are lost on a yearly basis.

Lost or misplaced keys can be unnerving, but, more importantly, such a situation jeopardizes the safety of your living space and could put you in harm’s unfriendly ways. However, if you follow this guideline of what to [and do not] do, you should be able to pull through. Bear in mind that, basically, lost keys are solvable problems.

Remain Calm

The first thing you would want to consider when you lose your keys is staying as calm as possible. It is the least technical thing to do but comes practically in handy.

While you might be upset that you will not be able to easily get into your home on that fateful day, bear in mind that you won’t have clarity of thoughts if your mind is beclouded by a cold rage or intense panic.

At that point, thinking straight is of utmost importance, and remaining calm is your best ticket into the solution. Even if you feel cursed by Murphy’s law, you won’t stay outside for too long.

As such, don’t attempt to break into your own property; the damage you will definitely cause may be more expensive to repair compared to retrieving your keys. When combined, these expenses are not so pocket-friendly.

Got A Spare?

By far, this is the most convenient way out of a lost-house-key situation, the easiest way to regain access to your living space. Having a spare key is, unsurprisingly, highly recommended, especially because house lockouts have the tendency to go from “no access” to “state of emergency.”

Many people typically carry around spare keys in their vehicles or carry-ons. Some hide them somewhere around the property, such as under a doormat (which is too obvious, by the way) or inside a flower pot in the backyard.

For others, it is a window sill affair. If you care to spare a key in any of these places, you are in luck. But, if you did not plant any around and don’t recall switching your locks when moving in, you might want to check with your landlord. Just be sure to change your locks soon after for exclusive access.

Any Other Entry Route?

Rather than smashing into your own home and damaging stuff in the process, put your thinking hat on and ponder on the best way you can re-enter without wreaking havoc.

Typically, the front door—the most used part of just about any property—is the “main” access point to the building. But, could there be other entries you could try, irrespective of whether or not you are sure it exists. If there’s a slight chance you can find one, you ought to take it.

When it comes to alternative entries, the spotlight is often on windows, side doors, back doors, and roof access. Should you get back from a long day outdoors and are unable to locate your house keys, scout the perimeter for a few minutes, as it is a way to better weigh your options.

For all you might know, you might have left a window unlocked during your morning rush. Try out your doors, even if you are 100 percent sure they are locked. In doing so, you might discover something else in dire need of attention.

No Insurance Coverage, Call A Locksmith

Some homeowners are fully insured, so a new set of houses is more or less guaranteed when they lose any. However, all insurance coverages are not created equal; they often take time to activate, and not everyone locked out of their home can exercise that kind of patience.

Unless your insurance provider offers instant assistance, the best solution to losing your house keys is calling in a professional locksmith. Technicians at Locksmith & Security have the experience, expertise, and resources to help you get back inefficiently and in no time. We can make you a new set of keys, rekey your locks or switch everything up with an upgrade.

When hiring a locksmith—since lost house keys are often treated as emergencies—it is critical not to fall into the hands of quacks and wannabes. Not everyone who can pop a lock or jimmy one is a technician, so it is important to work with a credible, reliable, and affordable service provider. Locksmith & Security is a trusted name in these parts, and our work has impacted the lives of hundreds of homeowners.

Now Take Precautions

Having gone through the unusual ordeal of losing keys, staying outdoors awhile, and paying a token to gain access back into your home, you surely would not want the incident to repeat itself—at least not anytime soon.

To this end, you need to take precautions and avoid the mistakes that put you in the situation. If possible, let the locksmith do routine checks on your lock system to ensure optimal performance.

Beyond traumatic experiences, lost house keys always pose a threat to the security of your home. Most people do not realize it, but the more you lose your keys, the more the chances of someone finding and using them for dubious purposes.

As such, you want to learn and unlearn until lost keys, house lockouts, and residential panics become a thing of the past. Change the locks if needed, upgrade to a keyless system if you can afford one, and put that insurance in order.

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